About us

In 1997 we came across a technological innovation from the US that astonished us. We were so taken with it that we decided to export it to Italy, knowing what a great impact the idea could have here. This was the Segway, and that’s how Segway Roma came about.

We were the pioneers of Segway tours and Segway rentals, and the first to introduce this brilliant means of transport to Italy. 20 years on, we are now a leading company in Rome with a huge range of vehicles, and can organise tours for groups of any size.

You can hire a Segway for a set period to go off and explore Rome on your own, or choose one of our tours and let our expert guides show you around; either way, it will be a memorable experience.
The Segway experts in Rome since 1997
The best exclusive tours to visit the historical centre of Rome
Best prices guaranteed!
A qualified and multilingual staff always at your disposal

Our Clients

Many companies have taken our quality private tours over the years and benefitted from the know-how that only comes from years of experience. We’ve organised exclusive tours for leading companies such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, AirBnB Italy, ASICS, Coca-Cola, Ferrarelle, H&M and many more.

If you’d like to try out a Segway and view the city from a totally different perspective, come to Segway Roma where you’ll receive a courteous and professional service and benefit from our extensive local knowledge.

What is a Segway?

The Segway HT (human transporter) is a personal transporter that employs a revolutionary combination of electronics, mechanics and computer science.

Powered by electricity, it is technically advanced, eco-friendly and highly innovative, can travel at up to 20km per hour and has a range of 40km; a contemporary scooter that can move forwards and backwards, turn around and stop, depending on how you move...it’s like an extension of your body!

It’s equipped with solid state gyroscopic and rotation sensors that imitate equilibrium, which means you’ll never lose your balance or fall off.

How do you steer it?